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The new number 5

Keeping with the theme of numbers, I'm working on a remake of an old drawing, number 5. This week has been busy for me, applying to college, working on writing, and art, and spring cleaning. But I honestly don't mind it. I enjoy being busy. But sometimes I get overwhelmed by inspiration, so I decided redoing an old drawing would be easy and somewhat relaxing. And I loved the old drawing, but have a lot of new ideas, and want my drawings to be simpler and brighter.

I've started to embrace simplicity and subtraction. Sometimes it just takes one good idea to make a work of art; not 50 different ideas jumbled into one piece. I'm focusing on the number 5, and the silhouette for this piece, getting rid of the patterns and extra colors and background details from the original drawing. I'm liking it much better, and it doesn't overwhelm me.

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