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I've been working on several projects at once, feeling good about my art lately. Sometimes it really helps just to draw simple things, like cartoons or fashion designs, to stimulate creativity. I also like looking through my old drawings for inspiration, and to see how far I've come as an artist. Then I go back to my more ambitious projects with new energy to finish them.

I'm going to start doing larger pieces, because people have shown interest in my originals, but larger drawings and paintings definitely sell better. Most people would rather pay $500 for a big painting to hang on their wall than $200 for a little drawing or painting. Here is one such smaller drawing, probably the last small piece I'll do for a while. It's not quite finished. The inspiration was Kesha's song, "Spaceship." These are my alien creations/creators, coming back to Earth for me, so I can go where I belong.

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