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Sex Appeal

Just from my instagram posts alone, it's obvious that people can't get enough of sex. I would never, ever, of course post anything sexual of myself, but every time I post a sexy drawing, or a drawing of sex, the feedback is amazing. It doesn't matter what the style is, what the color palette is, how abstract or realistic or stylized or grotesque or pretty, people always like the sex pictures.

But I won't be no sell-out. I ain't gonna just draw people fucking cause that's what sells. I don't even know what sex is, I only draw it because it's fascinating and so alien to me. It's not really my favorite subject matter to draw, and since I'm a virgin, I feel no connection to the drawings I do of people doing it, other than the fact that I am born naked like everyone else, and I just want to be happy in my own skin. Body-positivity I guess is the real reason for me drawing naked people. Nothing wrong with some naked action.

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