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Number 5

As bad as it might sound, sometimes I look at work from artists who inspire me, and think 'ok good, I'm doing it right.' Most art people don't talk about this, but from what I've learned, there is a right and wrong way to create good art. All great artists have their own style, and no matter what materials they use or how they use them, they stick to their style and techniques. If each piece looks different and experimental, the work comes across as amateurish and directionless.

I've been loving Toyin Ojih Odutola's art lately. She's so beautifully eloquent and inspiring. She's an extremely talented artist, but even more important in my opinion, is how she has such a defined, unique style. Takashi Murakami has been another huge inspiration for me lately. His style is so immediately recognizable and so eye-catching that he has become a pop-culture icon. His level of success is the goal.

Inner struggles and anxieties, on paper

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