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June art showing

I'm working on a cohesive collection of work that will be on display in The Local Hub, in Bethel Maine for the whole month of June. As far as I know, art seems to sell pretty well there, so I'm excited to get some pieces sold. This year I also want to try and get some of my art in Portsmouth galleries, or somewhere nice like that.

Lately I've been simplifying my drawings because I like the look, and it makes it easier for me to stick to one style. I also think bright, bold, simple art sells better than really intricate, dark artwork which I've done a lot of in the past. This drawing was inspired by the hours I sometimes spend just twirling my hair, thinking about what I'm going to draw or paint next. A lot of the time my brain is overactive, so I just have to stop thinking, and force myself to draw something.

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