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Intro: world's first ever blog

Ok, so it's not like, the first blog ever, but like, it is for me. I'm gonna post all about my art, inspirations, and everything I'm doing to start making a living off of it. I'll be posting regularly, on Wednesdays at 11 am after this, whether people read my blog or not; 'cause dammit, I'm sticking to this no matter what! If nothing else, it's a journal for myself. But I know people will come to my page, and I know I'll be able to do what I love, because I have faith-- in God, the universe, whatever.

I never believed I could make a living from doing art, 'cause everyone always says how difficult it is. So I never bothered to try... 'til now. Creating and paying for this domain was the first chance I took. Most people don't know about my website, other than fam, and my several hundred Instagram followers. That's not near enough people, if I want to make a living from my art. So the next step is writing this blog, and networking.

Creating art is the only thing I ever want to do as a full-time job. I've decided that no matter what it takes, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna succeed because I'm never gonna stop working towards my goal until I reach it. I'm sick of self-doubting, and worrying, and over-thinking. This is just the start. I hope you'll tune-in every Wednesday, for future blogs, which will be far more exciting and insightful than this. TBH, the word 'blog' sounds so lame, so after this, I'm never using that word again in my blogs. You're just reading my thoughts, inspiration, art/life journey. There's no blog here. What's a blog?

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