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Birthday month!

Pride month too, and I did this drawing kind of in honor of it. I had the idea already, and decided June was the perfect month to do it. I'm so happy that everyone on Instagram liked it. I lost a few followers, cause there's always gonna be those guys, but most people made me feel really good and complimented it.

When I finished the Bethel drawing, I really liked how the little rocks came out, so I wanted to use that color combo and technique again, in a bigger drawing. I stored that in the back of my mind. I started drawing the two men, just thinking I'd color them in normal human colors, but I was listening to 70s Lite Rock Radio on Pandora, and Turn to Stone by ELO came on, and I got the perfect idea. The two men would be turned to stone, based on the homophobic beliefs some Christians hold, and based on the pillar of salt story, all that. Pride month is about being proud of who we are, exactly how God made us, and realizing nobody has to suppress their true emotions. Nobody is gonna be zapped by a lightning bolt and turned to stone for finding someone of the same sex attractive.

Turn to Stone

For this drawing, I used some light coloring for the more textured parts of the stone, and more pressure and blending for the darker, smoother areas. Every drawing I do, I'm always experimenting with techniques and colors. I get bored if I do the same thing over and over.

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