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Did you know that Picasso started out by painting realism? Do you even care? Everyone can improve their drawing and painting skills. But style is what elevates art.

I have always wondered what my style should be. I wanted to stand out, and be original, so I drew in all different styles and always tried to push myself outside of my comfort zone. That was the wrong way to do it. Art style, for me anyways, is like fashion. I draw what I want, instead of trying to be different. The major influences in my art are fashion, nature, and emotion. I do some pieces outside of these elements, when I get commissioned to do so, and I will never stop experimenting and trying new things in my art. But I will never create something that I'm not totally obsessed with.

A quote that I read one time in a fashion book always sticks with me. My favorite fashion designer, Cristobal Balenciaga said it, something like-- 'Coco Chanel had little taste, but it was good. Elsa Schiaparelli had lots of taste, but it was all bad.'

I'd rather be Chanel. In a world where so much has been done before, I think it's best for every artist to focus on a specific style, and subject matter that they care about. I don't try to be different. I just trust in my creativity.

That being said, here's a piece that's very different from what I normally do. I've never sewn fabric onto a canvas before, but I love fashion and art, so I decided to combine my sewing skills with my creativity and art skills. I wasn't trying to make something groundbreaking, I just felt inspired to do this. If you just do what you want, your personality will show through.

Inspiration is also a great way to find your style. Each week I'll include the name of a blog I've been loving, and this week it's ArtistsNetwork.

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