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Stipple stipple stipple

I'm creating this post from my phone because I have no wifi right now so I can't use my computer, but I'm trying to be better about keeping up with things and working hard at whatever I do, even if it's just a short blog post that nobody reads. It's good discipline.

I guess I'll use this post to get a little personal and mention how I've always struggled with putting things off way too long because-- anxiety. I get so scared of failure sometimes, but I'm so over it. I just wanna do things, so many things, even if I end up failing or looking stupid! WHO CARES? Obviously nobody cares, it's not like I'm running the country or something. I can fail at things and make mistakes. So if this whole blog of mine never takes off, who cares. It's good for me, and it's just one more thing for me to stay on top of, which I need because I get anxious and lazy when I have nothing to do for too long. What I do know, is that my art and my writing will take off, because that is my goal in life. It has to happen eventually, and I'm excited, because I think it will be soon(: anyways, here's a stippled drawing I did a few weeks ago, cause I wanted to experiment with a style that I haven't explored much. I like how it's kinda light and subtle compared to my normal art.

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