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Some weeks it's hard finding inspiration. But this was not one of those weeks! I've been working on nature scenes, since that's what people have been asking for, and I need to improve before I start selling. From watching YouTube videos and visiting museums, I've been using the tricks from other artists and improving my own techniques with each painting I do.

Painting I started over the weekend. It has taken me about 5 days, still not done. Totally could've finished it by now if I was more focused.

I quickly learned that black is never really a good color to use, because if any color around touches it, that color turns gray. So instead of black, I just mix the darkest colors that I want to use in the painting. That way nothing looks muddy. Also, any time I've looked up anything online about the best painters, I always find that they use a good amount of paint to show texture, and they make deliberate brushstrokes. I'm still learning how to work the paint, so sometimes I overwork an area on a painting which makes it look messy, but I'm workin' on it!

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