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The art gallery is opening on December 1, and I have to have my art there by the 26th of this month... I'm excited but also stressed. Here it is, almost Thanksgiving, and of course I have lots to do... (hanging out with family), and still I don't have frames for my art, or even scans! I definitely have to have scans of all my art before it's hanging in the gallery, because I will need prints to sell. I wanted frameless acrylic frames, but they're several hundred dollars on every website I checked, so that's a no. The next best option is clip frames, and I found some at Michael's which were a bit too big, but I thought the back was white, so I got them. Nope, the back is cardboard, with the clips showing through, so I'll have to return those and find something else, and the nearest Michael's is 45 minutes away, since now I'm in Northern NH. No good art stores are anywhere nearby. Anyways, it'll all come together, and I'm very excited for the grand opening, but it is stressful too. I'm working on a big drawing of a skier, which may or may not be completed in time for the opening of the gallery. I can't wait until I'm famous and everyone from high school all of a sudden gets in contact with me again.

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